nursery_roomsNursery care is provided for infants and toddlers under the age of three for all Sunday morning and evening services and Wednesday evening activities. It is our desire to provide a safe and caring environment for children in our nursery facilities so that parents can participate fully in Sunday worship services and Adult Bible School as well as enable parents to serve in various ministry opportunities on Sundays.

It is our desire that each child's nursery experience be one that gives the child a pleasant introduction to church where God's love is reflected in the care each child receives.

Safety and Health

We take serious our responsibility to protect your child while they are in our care. Every room is always staffed by at least two adults who have been trained and passed a background check. Our check-in and check-out procedures utilize a numbered security card. This card matches the number on the child's nametag, sign-in card as well as a list at the drop-off counter. This card must be returned to the nursery in order for the child to be released.

In order to provide a healthy nursery we ask that you keep your infant or toddler at home any time he or she has the following symptoms with the past 24 hours: fever of 100° or above, vomiting/diarrhea, runny nose, excessive coughing, unexplained skin rash, open wound, skin infection, discharge in or around the eyes, head lice.  We appreciate your cooperation in following the guidelines so that we can keep a healthy nursery.