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Being a missionary is a fundamental calling and purpose for the Christian (Matt. 28.19-20). Through missions we enjoy the privilege of proclaiming the excellencies of God (Ps. 66.2; 1 Peter 2.9). God’s purpose for humanity passes through the glorious cross of Jesus Christ. At the cross, God’s peace and truth kiss. Through the cross, love and justice meet. God’s purpose for the redeemed is to declare the glory of Christ by proclaiming the message of the cross (1 Cor. 1.23).
Equipping for Missions

Equipping For Missions

Omaha Bible Church members are trained, equipped, and mentored to proclaim the glory of Christ with a God-centered, Bible-driven message. We offer four very helpful classes: Everyday Evangelism, Defending the Faith, Understanding and Interacting with Conflicting Worldviews, and Bible Background.
Local Missions

Local Missions and Evangelism

As Christians we are all called to be engaged in the ministry of a missionary as we live our lives (Matt. 28.19). So in a practical sense this occurs through everyday life, whether at work, in the neighborhood or in the family. At OBC we also mobilize for specialized evangelistic ministries, to include prison ministry, door-to-door evangelism, campus outreach, downtown evangelism, and community center summer Bible programs.

International Missions

As a church, we continue to prayerfully pursue international mobilization for the purpose of bringing the gospel to all peoples. Thankfully this has occurred through many short-term mission trips. In recent years, OBC has sent missionaries to Russia, India, East Asia, and Africa. In addition, we are currently partnering with friends who are laboring to promote the gospel in other countries. Please join us in praying for the those who are currently serving in India, China, and East Asia.