Sunday School - 9:30am // Worship Service - 10:30am

Men's Groups

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Every Saturday until December 16, 2023

5:30am – 10:00am

Location: 7940 State Street, Omaha, NE 68122

Category: Men's Ministry

Men are invited to join Pastor Chris Peterson on Saturday mornings for fellowship, encouragement, and training. You do not need to attend all three groups. Find a description of the different groups below.

5:30am - Theology with Louis Berkhof
This morning meeting will serve as an opportunity to begin the weekend by working through Berkhof's Systematic Theology. We will use a question and answer format to walk through the book together.

6:30am - Men's Care Group
The men's care group is working through "Limping with God: Jacob & the Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship" by Chad Bird. Men's Care Group affords an intense time of study and meditation on Scripture, reading books together focused on discipleship, prayer, encouragement, and exhortation of one another in the Christian faith and walk.

8:30am - Teaching God's Word with the Charles Simeon Trust program
Charles Simeon is a group online course that aims to equip the saints to accurately handle the study, interpretation, and teaching of God's Word. Ten courses are offered, each course is roughly 8 weeks in length. Topics cover the exegesis and study of Scripture in preparation for teaching, an examination of biblical theology, systematic theology, prophetic literature, revelation, the Old Testament narrative, and many others. Homework will require each student to watch a video, prepare a lesson plan, and come prepared to participate in class discussion. The first course, called First Principles, endeavors to prepare students for various teaching roles through Omaha Bible Church ministries.

More Events

December 12, 2023 6:30am – 7:30am
Theology for Breakfast